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Need A Recording Studio

If you do not have a spare garage or outbuilding which can be converted, we can build a beautiful cedar clad garden building (working with to a wide variety of sizes and specifications. As well as being thermally insulated to ensure the possibility of year round use, we can also incorporate all different levels of sound reduction during the build, making this a very quick and affordable way of getting your studio without sacrificing and existing storage space.

Our Garden Rooms are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, and truly fit in and look great in any garden or open space. A garden room is a long term investment. By utilizing the space in your garden you can create a room that's completely separate from the main house, yet only a few steps away.

The beauty of constructing from scratch is that we can address so many more requirements along the way, as we are not having to adapt, or change anything as is sometimes the case whilst working with an existing building. We would not start any works until it was completely understood what the room was to be used for, and what level of sound control was necessary.

Obviously whilst we know the levels we can reduce noise or music by, we cannot determine or state what level is required in every situation. That is down to you, the customer. You know how far away the neighbours are, whether they will actually hear anything anyway, or mind if they do. You also know exactly what, how, why and when the room will be used, and need to consider and discuss all of this at the early stages.

It may be that you do not require any soundproofing. It may be the case that all noise will be reduced naturally and sufficiently before it reaches anywhere it can cause a problem. For example, a room in a huge garden, away from neighbours which is going to be used for playing the piano in the middle of the day will not require much additional, if any, sound reducing insulation. Whereas if your room will be at the bottom of the garden near or just over the wall from a neighbour, who just happens to have young children, and your teenage son and his friends decide to go out there at 9pm on a Thursday night and practise their latest songs at a somewhat 'less than acceptable' level because "It has to be played this loud to sound right!" you are going to need a lot more in the way of sound control!

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Our Range

There are 4 main types of recording studios that we build – cube, canopy, concave and contour. The main difference that can be seen is when you look at the front and the way the canopy (or not) is constructed. It comes down to individual preference and choice which one you prefer.