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Music Rooms

A soundproofed music room is basically just that. We firstly try and establish what you are using the room for and go from there. If it is just for practising in, and not recording it needs to be as big as possible to suit your needs.

The next thing is to decide where this room is going to be. You may have an existing garage, or outhouse, or unused room in your house which you are looking to convert.

Or, you may need a new structure building somewhere in your garden to accommodate the music room.

Fortunately, we can help on both counts. We can convert your existing space or we have really strong connections to a garden room company that can help build you your perfect music room for you. Just visit to find out more, mentioning that you want the space for a music room predominantly.

We have installed many soundproofed music rooms within many different types of structures, all over the country.

Obviously, there will be additional costs if you needed to construct a new building, but sometimes, it is nice to have it your private music space away from your main residence.