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If music or cinema is your passion then having a place you can retreat to, and immerse yourself in sound, is a must. Whether you're starting a band, have kids learning musical instruments or want the full-on cinema experience at home, we can help you create a soundproof room where you can set the sound as loud as you want.

Hi Phil, just wanted to let you know that I am so impressed with your team of guys. They've had some pretty harsh weather to deal with, but they just keep on going. The progress on the build is astounding, and my wife is amazed already at how good it looks. Full credit to Craig too by the way, I could tell how good your company was from his initial visit. I've paid all of the invoices, so the money should be with you shortly. Thanks very much for everything, this has been so easy and stress-free.
Mr Lumsden, Aberdeen

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Soundproof Music Rooms

The main use of soundproof rooms involves music and sound. From setting up a home recording studio or a band practise room, to creating a home cinema room, or maybe you just want somewhere you can play your favourite music really loud, we have specified and built rooms to cater for all these needs, and more. With different levels of soundproofing depending on what you need, we convert existing rooms in your house or buildings such as garages into soundproofed rooms. We can even construct a beautiful new cedar clad soundproofed building from scratch in your garden or on your land.

One big consideration when involved with music, is finding somewhere to practise or record, without impacting on others close to you. A soundproofed music room may well be the answer to your needs.

It could be about having some fun, re-living your youth. You might want to start your own band, or have children showing signs of being a keen musician and you need somewhere soundproofed where they can practise. You want to do this without disturbing your neighbours, or you'd like to be able to watch the TV or read a book in another room in peace.

Our rooms aren't just for practise. They can be used as a private cinema room or home recording studio, possibly even with a separate musician's room depending on the space you've got and what you want. These days, with the high-tech equipment available, anyone can create great music in their own home, with many of the aspects of a top quality recording studio or rehearsal room available to everyone, conveniently and affordably.

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Due to our unique building methods we are able to adapt our soundproof rooms and garden rooms to almost any design or orientation. We always try our best to create a space that suits your needs.

If you have a design or any ideas in mind feel free to call us or send your ideas, drawings or specifications to our sales email address.

Alternatively come and visit us at one of our showrooms