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Design & Build

If you have decided that a soundproofed room is what you need, we will work with you right from the start to make sure we meet all of your requirements.

How things Work

  1. Get In Touch
    The first thing is for you to get in touch with us for a chat. Feel free to email us or pick up the phone. We will establish whether or not you have an existing building you wish to soundproof, or if you need a separate structure building in your garden which will then be soundproofed. Next we will establish the levels of soundproofing required.
  2. QuotationOnce we know what you want, and where it's going, we will be able to work out a costing and specification for the works, which we will do as accurately as possible.
  3. Free Site SurveyIf everything is looking and sounding good to go, we normally arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out a site check. At this time, we will be able to confirm everything discussed, and if anything differs from the original discussion, we would be able to clarify any changes/alterations.

    At the very least, we need to confirm there will be adequate parking for our vehicles, and that the materials can be carried from them, to the build area, without any problems.
  4. Get The Ball RollingThe rest of the process is relatively straight forward. We ask for a 50% deposit, arrange a suitable installation start date for the works to be carried out, and order the relevant materials.
  5. InstallationOne of our professional installation teams will turn up and commence works, working with you every step of the way to create your perfect room. Our experienced installation teams have worked almost everywhere in the UK building all types of soundproofed rooms, from purpose built recording studios to chill out rooms and multi-occupancy offices.

    At SMR we understand that a building project can be daunting at times and as a customer you want to know what's going on, what are the people like, is it going to be disruptive, are they going to make a mess…the list goes on. This is why we try to keep everything as clean and tidy as possible, are flexible, approachable, courteous and friendly, and will always respect that it is YOUR room, and we are working on YOUR property.

    Although most of the decisions will have been discussed and finalised before our team turn up we realise that some may have been overlooked, or decisions made are changed. These could be as small as an extra socket for your phone charger or an extra light for your prized guitar. Rest assured that if it's feasible your SMR team will make sure every aspect is covered and help to create your perfect room every step of the way.

    Here is an example of how things work:Most installations are scheduled to start on a Monday. The teams will load their vans with all the materials they need for your room at our head depot in Ripon, North Yorkshire. The size and specification of your room will determine the length of time on site - generally we allow two working weeks from start to finish.

    Loading usually takes around 2-3 hours and then it's on the road. The time your team arrive will now depend on distance and traffic but don't worry, you don't have to wait around all day. The team will call you with at least 1 hour notice of their arrival. If you would like more notice, just let us know.

    On day one the team will discuss the build with you and then get straight to work. Please note that the team will need a parking space minimum 7 metres long for at least one van for the duration of the build. They will also need constant access to and from the parked van.

    From here the team will stay locally for a week, working on site until all the materials are used and the first fix is complete.

    Now it's time for the drive home to leave you in peace for the weekend.

    The second week is exactly the same until your room is complete.

    It's as simple as that.
  6. Final PaymentOnce your room is complete and only on satisfactory completion will final payment be requested.

    Please note that any electrics we have installed will be tested by our in-house electrician. This is normally a few days after the completion of works. We typically install a separate electrical circuit for our rooms and terminate with a consumer unit matching your electrical requirements. Please note SMR do not carry out the mains supply wiring or connection.

    Once your final balance has been settled your payment receipt and any warranties and guarantees will be posted to you.
  7. One final thingTurn It Up!