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About Soundproof Music Rooms

Soundproof Music Rooms has actually grown from a personal hobby/pastime, and we know there are lots of people in the same situation.

I needed somewhere at home that I could play my music (guitars and drums) as loud as I wanted without disturbing everyone else and I didn't want to use headphones. The idea of creating myself a soundproof music room was born. It was a success, and we were asked to build similar rooms for friends, normally within existing rooms and garages.

Soundproofing rooms, was then introduced into a garden room company we were working with, and over the next few years our team have worked with many customers creating their ideal soundproofed space.

Our company, (though as previously mentioned has been trading and providing the service for many years prior to this) was established in 2012. We are based in Ripon, North Yorkshire and build soundproof rooms all over the UK. Our team of designers, technicians and construction experts, led expertly by Gareth Dixon and Phil Driffield, have over 21 years of experience between them and work together with our clients to deliver as close to a complete soundproofed solution as possible, to meet their needs.